What is Ties&Suits?

  • Ties&Suits is a networking platform for the men geared towards providing connections in business, investment, inspiration, mentorship and development.
  • Ties&Suits will design these events thematically, so that it does not lose meaning of the original intent.
  • Ties&Suits Organizers are not hosting events for political reasons, monetary reward or personal gain. They are doing so because they truly believe in the power empowering the men-folk by providing opportunities to network and change their world.
  • Ties&Suits was created few months ago to provide a platform where the gentlemen can meet up periodically and share their stories, inspirations and visions for a better tomorrow; changing their world.
  • At Ties&Suits events, a screening of inspiring videos — or a combination of live presenters and videos — sparks deep conversation and connections.
  • The premier Ties&Suits event is being launched in Kisumu with other towns/cities planned for future hosting.
  • Ties&Suits are open source, local and community-driven events that inspire innovation, thought leadership and visionary insight.

The target demographic is:

  1. Men aged 18+ years
  2. All demographics – School going (18+) requiring career advice, Formally employed or Entrepreneurs
  3. Men looking for a platform to engage with other like-minded men to exchange ideas and network

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